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Barakah of the Blessed Sandals

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Barakah of the Blessed Sandals

The image of the blessed sandals (Na`Layn Mubarak) of the Prophet ﷺ is one that can be kept in every Muslim household. The barakah is strong within the sacred objects that carry this design upon them. It has been permitted by the Muslim scholars of Islam (Ulema) to stand inside of the image of the sandal to pray, and to place the crown of one’s head on the sandal while surrendering to Allah, the Highest.

Blessed Sandal Design

Design of the Nalayan Shareef

The Story of the Blessed Sandals

There is a great story behind the blessed sandals of the Prophet ﷺ which explains the Barakah within the items depicting this sacred image.

It is told that when Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) traveled to Mount Tur to speak with Allah (Glorified and exalted be He), it was asked of him to remove the sandals he wore. However, when Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ascended the mountain during his night journey to visit Allah (Glorified and exalted be He), he wore his blessed sandals and it was never asked of him to remove them.

The son of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq رضي الله تعالى عنه remarked on this:

“Of the proven blessing of the likeness of the sandal of the Prophet ﷺ is that whoever has it in his possession for blessing (Tabarruk), it will safeguard him from the sedition of rebels and the mastery of enemies, and will be a barrier against every recreant devil and the evil eye of the envious. If the pregnant woman holds it in her right hand at the time of labor, her delivery will be easier by Allah’s change and His might.”

If Allah wills ( إن شاء الله عزوجل ), the sacred image may also be a means of obtaining His blessings. The intended use of the Blessed Sandals Rug is as a prayer rug or wall hanging and it should be treated with the utmost reverence and affection, as one should treat any object depicting the image of the blessed sandals of the Prophet ﷺ .

The Barakah of the blessed sandals may be expressed best through the words of one of the many poets who have been motivated by this sacred piece of history, Imam Yusuf Al-Nabahani رحمة الله تعالى عليه , who wrote:

May the best of blessings and peace be upon the owner of these blessed sandals.

Verily I serve the image of the sandal of Mustafa  ﷺ

 So that I may live in both worlds under its protection
And We are lowered by awe to honour this sandal.
And whenever we lower before it we are raised.
So place it on the highest shelf!
For indeed in reality it is a crown, though its image is a sandal.

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