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The Blessings & Benefits of The Nalayn Shareef

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The Great Muslim theologians have listed many benefits and blessings in keeping and venerating a copy of the Nalayn Shareef. Some of these are listed below.

* The person will be safe from the harms of the cruel, wickedness of the Satan and from the bad sight of the enviers. 
* The pain of childbirth will be eased for eased for the woman who keeps it with her at the time of delivery. 
* The person who always keeps a copy of it with him will have respect in the sight of creation. 
* He will have the opportunity to see the Blessed Green Dome – Ghumbad-e-Khizra in Madeena Shareef.
* He will have the honour in seeing the Holy Prophet in his dream. 
* His property or wealth will be safe in a place where the Nalayn Shareef is kept. 
* A person’s needs will be met when he prays through the waseela of the Nalain Shareef. 
* A person who keeps the Nalain Shareef for a particular reason will have his wishes fulfilled. 
* The person will be safe from thieves, calamities and dangers such as drowning. 
* The disease and ailments go away when the Nalayn Shareef is placed over the affected part. 
* Success and deliverance were gained through the Nalayn Shareef in oppressive times.

(The Blessings are not limited to the list above but are also obtained when in other circumstances as well.)

Writers and poets wrote eloquently in praise of the noble sandals and in describing the feelings of ecstatic love for their wearer (Allah bless him and give him peace). Imam Abu al-`Abbas gathered a significant amount of these writing in his aforementioned work, as well as in his treatise Azhar al-Riyad

Imam Yusuf al-Nabahani recited about the Prophet’s   sandals:

May the best of blessings and peace be upon the owner of these blessed sandals.
Verily I serve the image of the Sandal of Mustafa
So that I may live in both worlds under its protection 


wa na`lun khada`na haybatan li waqariha
fa inna mata nakhda`u li haybatiha na`lu
fa da`ha `ala a`la al-mafariqi innaha
haqiqataha tajun wa surataha na`lu

We are lowered by awe to honour this Sandal.
And whenever we lower before it we are raised.
So place it on the highest shelf!
For indeed in reality it is a crown, though its image is a sandal.

And when Imam al-Fakhani first saw the Prophet’s  sandals he recited:

wa law qila li al-majnuni layla wa wasluha
turidu am al-dunya wa ma fi zawayaha
laqala ghubarun min turabi ni`aliha
ahabbu ila nafsi wa ashfa li balawaha

And if Layla’s Madman were asked: do you prefer
Union with Layla, or the world and its treasures?
He would answer: “Dust from the earth of her sandals
Is dearer to my soul, and its most soothing remedy.”

The great Ashiq-e-Rasool, Ala Hadrat Rehmatullahi ‘Alaih wrote:

Jo sar pe rakh ne ko
mill ja yai Nalayn Paak Hazoor
to phir kahain gai ke
haan Tajdaar hum bi hain

If only i get such an honour to place
on my head the Holy Sandals of The Prophet
then i would proudly claim that
yes i have been crowned as King as well.

The famous Hindu poet, Dillo Ram wrote (who on his death bed, was visited by the Beloved Prophet , and accepted Islam):

Gar shams aur qamar ko koi daman mein chupale
aflak ke taro ko koye haatho se chunale
ghar daulat e dahrain ko koye hatho pe uthale
phir koye mujhse pooche ke tu kya leh?
khalqa prasad se pooch ke tu kya lee chand, suraj, sitare, daulat?
phir mein bolo keh nalain e muhammad    ko ankhon se lagaloo!!

if somebody hides the sun and moon in his lap
if someone with their hands picks the stars collects them,
if somebody lifts the entire treasure’s of the world and puts it on his hands,
and then if somebody asks me what do you want?
do you want sun, moon, stars, the entire treasuere of the world?
then i shall say that i want to put the Sandals of  Muhammad    on my eyes!!

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